We’ll send you a list of grants available in state directly to your email. The lists are updated every 5 days and can be narrowed down to your age, gender, race and types of grants you’re seeking. There is no cost or obligations for this service. The government provides us with these lists as a public service and we sort and organize them for you.

You May Qualify For Grant Money Immediately if:

You are a U.S. citizen; or
You are qualified to work in the United States; or
You are a resident alien residing in the United States
You can follow the simple step by step process of the grant kits

Have you ever wanted to go back to school? Start a small business? Add on to your house? Have you ever needed help paying for medical bills, or needed financial help with the day to day? Well guess what, the government is required to pay out money in the form of grants back to the people.

What exactly is a grant? A grant is a sum of money given out by a department of the government for many different reasons! Many people do not know how to get a grant from the government. But your in luck, below I have compiled 4 different government grant kits that can help anyone get the money they seek.

There are many different grants out there that can fit almost every need out there. Want to go back to school, there is over $92 billion in grants that would allow you to go back to school, get a degree, and have the job of your dreams. Have you ever wanted to start your own business but never had the start up cash? There is over $135 billion that the government is giving out to small businesses. What about medical bills, personal needs, and exceptional circumstances, you guessed it the government is giving out grants to for all of these things.

Getting a government grant is not as difficult as you think, if you have the right tools working for you. These grant kits have the tools that make getting a government grant much easier, quicker, and give you a better chance to get approved. They show you secrets about writing your proposal, getting it sent off to the correct government department, they even have lists of all the public and private grants that would best suit your needs.

There are millions of dollars in grants that go unrewarded each year! All of the major news networks including CNN and MSNBC have reported startling amounts of grant money that reach into the hundreds of millions and sometimes in the billions of dollars that go unrewarded each and every year. This is money that is entitled to ordinary, hardworking Americans just like you and is just waiting for qualified applicants to claim their share. You probably qualify for much more then you could have imagined. You just need to apply for them.

In the past, the process of researching available government grant programs would take days if not weeks just to find a handful of grant programs that you might qualify to apply for. But with a grant kit locating grant programs has never been easier or faster.